Senior Application Developer (UI/UX Designer and Frontend) at Africa Strategy Advisers

Senior Application Developer (UI/UX Designer and Frontend) at Africa Strategy Advisers – TDPel Jobs

We are a Business Advisory, Venture Incubation & Investor Matching services company. We are work with businesses that seek to dominate their markets and shape the future of Africa through the power of ideas, relentless enterprise & visionary capital.

We work with start-ups, SMEs and Large corporates across multiple industries, including: Fashion, beauty and Lifestyle, Logistics, Technology, Oil &Gas, Telecoms, Hospitality, Agriculture, Sports, Financial Services, FMCGs, Manufacturing, Health care and Public Sector etc

At Africa Strategy Advisers, we build companies that want to change the world.Job description

You are a different type of developer with expertise in UI design, UX design, and front-end development. You see the web as your canvas and you paint with code. Your websites are alive with color and motion. Elegant design solutions are enhanced by equally elegant code. You thrive on working in a creative and dynamic environment.

Key Qualifications

You also understand Design principles & best practices and have an eye for beautiful design.
You are aware of the interplay between technologies and dynamically create, modify, and style elements on a page with ease.
Deep experience creating complex animations with code.
You are a nimble navigator. Your code works flawlessly across all browsers, including on mobile devices.
You demonstrate excellent communication skills.
You are continuously learning/adapting/evolving your awareness of the mobile platform with the ability to build solutions that take advantage of the latest features while remaining performant on the latest devices.
You can deliver quality code at high volume in a tight timeframe.
You have extraordinary interpersonal skills that speak to both creative and technical audiences.
You have an informed point of view and can articulate your ideas clearly to creative, project management and development staff succinctly (in verbal and written format) to influence the POV of a project team.


You work with the design teams to help guide the creative process along the lines of what can be made possible on the web.
This position requires a proven track record of Development for the web, particularly for the marketing of major brands; a strong knowledge of interactive creative development processes; and experience developing creative solutions in concert with a Design team.

You are a master of most of these:

Native JavaScript
Node Build Systems
MacOS iOS 10+ years of experience required


Mastered front-end programming and has set about improving their respective discipline.
Leads the design and development of front-end (presentation layer) code.
Works with cross-functional teams during conceptual stages to mitigate challenges and reveal opportunities.
Follow web coding standards and guidelines with focus on page performance, SEO, and accessibility.
Requires knowledge of browser based technologies, JavaScript, Version Control systems, & design software and design constraints on the web.
Skilled in integrating front-end/presentation layer with the back-end application.
Need to be comfortable with the project management aspects of projects.
An experienced and highly motivated engineer with the ability to inspire, motivate, and lead others.
Leads transformational efforts. May have published white papers in the IT industry.


A Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience is preferred.
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