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Sales Officer at Elkris Foods – TDPel Jobs

We are Elkris Bio Health Foods, a Nigeria-registered limited liability company – RC 1034137. We package, market and distribute Elkris SuperOat throughout Nigeria. That’s because Elkris SuperOat is produced and manufactured by our parent-company in the United Kingdom.

At the core of our ideology is the long term deep passion and mission to bring “health” to the Nigerian traditional diet. As the concept of ‘health awareness’ takes hold in Nigeria, we have noticed the rate at which people are turning away from our favourite traditional soup-dishes. And that’s because until now, the typical Nigerian traditional dish is rooted in
Soup portion; mostly laden with saturated oil
Carbohydrate formula such as eba, pounded yam, fufu, semo etc that are strongly rooted in high levels of starch.

But at Elkris, we don’t believe the right response is to take to imported fast foods as the alternative. Our national range of traditional dishes remains the best category of home cooked meals, if only they can be made safe and healthy. So we have decided to focus on just that – “how to render the delicious and colourful wide range of Nigerian soup-dishes safe and healthy.” Five years on, we have the magic formula – Elkris SuperOat. Elkris SuperOat is our flagship product.Unlike in the United Kingdom where Elkris is marketed through regular food distribution outlets; here in Nigeria Elkris SuperOat is marketed through an army of part-time Stockists and Agents scattered all over the country. Our stockists are first, consumers of Elkris SuperOat. So we thought; who better to stock, recommend, market and walk away with our handsome whole sale financial reward packages than the same army of full time housewives, unemployed job seekers, the middle class, upper class, hotels, restaurants, doctors, pharmacists, etc who have switched over to Elkris SuperOat? …Duties

Contact new and existing customers to secure sales orders and, answer their questions about products, prices, availability, delivery, etc.
Assist customers in making product combination, based on knowledge of trend, prevailing market conditions, and the company’s ambition/target
Ensure sustained repeat-purchase by the Customers
Responsible for the execution of marketing activation and brand support initiatives in his/her territory.
Collaborate with colleagues to exchange information such as selling strategies and marketing information.
Market intelligence gathering and reporting of market place activities periodically/as directed
Execute market-activation agenda in his/her assigned territory as directed
Achieve company’s target in terms of sales volume, value, and bills-collection.

Key Competency List

Knowledge of the FMCG industry
Basic knowledge of consumer goods especially ball-foods
Knowledge of the assigned geographical territory.
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